2017 was a really interesting year for me. I decided to take a break from blogging and focus on discovering more of potential and who I really am. One thing that I suffered with over the past was just stepping out and doing the thing I love and ignoring my passions. There were a lot of instance in which I felt that this year was either going to make or break me, but lo and behold, it made me a better me. I started discovering more and more about myself as person. The me that I was in the past practically died with hints of himself trying to push through, but with unwavering tenacity I continue to blossom into the better me.

I’m not the person that throw out the “New Year, New Me” quotes like most, its more of every chance that I get to grow into a better person I take that opportunity and embrace it whole-heartedly. I believe that waiting until each year to make significant changes can truly stifle ones outlook on life. Sure there are things that I have planned to launch in 2018 for reason, but it extends beyond 2018 or just a timeframe. However, during this year I decided to step out of the box and discover some new things about myself. One thing in particular is the fact that I’m just a talented individual. During the summer of 2017 I decided to audition for this talent search in Charleston, South Carolina . As many of you know I am a Virgo and perfection is key for me. If things don’t go the way that I have in my mind I literally will give up. I decided to audition for singing and modeling. I spent countless hours trying to pick the perfect song to do and how I wanted to sing it, so there were many instances of me changing the key, changing my cadence, and more before I felt it was perfect. Modeling was a different story, because it is more about one’s looks and personality than anything. For the singing portion of the audition I decided to sing Ashanti “Where I Stand”, and it went really well, I was shocked at the fact that the judges really love my voice as that is something I’m still working on as a person and trying to build confidence in. Furthermore, one of the judges wanted me to pursue acting because of my personality, yes, that personality my ex said was boring is great for TV and more. I got chosen to go to the huge talent showcase in the end, but somethings came up that hindered me from going to the showcase with hundreds of other talented individuals. However, I felt liberated that I did something that I thought I would never do in my lifetime. The reason for saying that is because I live in an area where people believe in just working for other individuals and not living out your true dream and passions.

I discovered a lot of new passions just through doing the things I love. For instance, I did my own radio show at school and that was definitely a huge change for me. I was never the person to speak out on certain situations. I’m the guy working behind the scenes. It is like God is pushing me to the forefront and testing my faith to see how much I trust not only Him, but myself to carry out my dreams and goals. In the past I truly doubted God and myself on everything, especially when it came to my talents or business ventures. One person that I say inspires me a lot is Ashanti. I’ve followed her journey once the beginning and realize that everything will not always go your way. The idea of perfection is not realistic and I had to learn to let that go and just “do it” regardless. Perfection has held me back for years and that has led to me just holding back and not revealing my true potential. Thank God that is changing and I have to just push forward.

Well 2018 on out I have some business ventures I want to pursue and I’m going to share them with you all.

First venture will be a podcast with Dynish called “Bop or Not” it will be a music and news podcast that will be very juicy and entertaining.

Second venture will be my on men’s skin and hair care line that will be made from organic products that will help promote men doing more when it comes to their skin and hair health.

Third venture is a maybe but there will probably be some teases of new music and ep 3rd quarter of 2018.

2018 will be full of great things and beyond. Happy New Year Y’all.

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