My cousin Jeremy Grant always preached on his Facebook about living life.  The thing about Jeremy is that he practiced what he preached.  He was always in a good mood when he came around and exude happiness.

Life is something that we should treasure every second.  When God breathe the breath of Life man, it wasn’t just so we would be miserable on Earth, but it was for us to find happiness in the things we do.  No you will not find happiness right away, it is a process that leads to greatness.  So how does one find true happiness in their life:

  1. Cut loose the things that hinder you from moving forward.
  2. Find your passion and follow it.
  3. Stay on track.

I know you’re saying it is easier said than done, but you have control over your destiny so take charge and never let anyone or circumstance stop you from going forward.  When I found my passion in gaming, modeling, and music, I stuck with it and was happier than ever.  At one point I lost hope because I wanted to move at a pace that simply my life couldn’t handle.  However, God placed people in my life that opened doors for me to do more than what I even set out to do.  YOUR LIFE is to precious to waste on negative things and people that are just in the way of your blessing.  LIFE itself is a blessing and YOU need to go out and live it.  We are not trees, that we are stuck in one spot for ever, but we are humans that have the power and the authority to move around and accomplish those things that we set our heart too.




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