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When you realize that NC government officials went out there way to ensure roads and other major infrastructures were fixed to avoid catastrophes like we are facing here in SC should open up the eyes of many. Now SC government officials have to repair the cities that are tremendously damaged and that’s going to cost even more money plus fixing the roads and the breaches dams. Says a lot of who the “majority” votes for. Lindsey Graham voted against efforts to help the people affected by Hurricane Sandy. Still don’t know why this man has a seat in the government. Now the government in this state has to deal with the things they should have dealt with awhile ago, but that’s the GOP for you.
SC citizens have to be very careful as to who they vote for. It is best to have someone in the chair that actually utilized funds to protect the future of things. My uncle who lives near black River has more than likely lost his home and many other family members in the small community of Bloomingville because of the breached dams. Yes there was a lot of rain this past week, but to get the knowledge that the government of SC didn’t have a better equipped infrastructure to handle such a thing is beyond crazy. Furthermore, we are beyond blessed that this year’s summer was dry and rivers were very low because if not every part of Williamsburg county would have been flooded.

The folks of Williamsburg county and other counties in SC have lost a lot, but we have bind together and be a strong state. Furthermore, next election let’s change things around.


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